Kris Cangelosi, Artistic Director, Cangelosi Dance Project, non-profit 501 (c) 3 dance organization that promotes, educates, supports, serve all groups for the city of Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. The purpose is to develop, improve, and advance, Classical and contemporary dance through performances, workshops, master classes, and outreach programs.

Present Positions

Studio Owner and Artistic Director for 35 years


Choreographs, produces, and stage manager for pre-pro dancers, committed professional adults for main stage shows locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. In addition, produces two student body shows in December and May

Teaches 40 hours/plus a week and contracts the dance Companies for main stage performances three times a year, secures 12 or more local community performances including outreach, troupes, events, school shows, etc. Compose Press releases, TV show appearances, commercials, and speaker for outreaches.

Past Positions

School Faculty Dance Program: 2007-2016

Kris has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performance and Choreographic Education from Louisiana State University. Certified by Dance Masters of America and member of STADT Chapter #3.

Specialty Teaching Disciplines and Courses

Classical Ballet, Jazz, Modern and Contemporary Dance technique, choreographer and coach for specialty technique

Educating in Dance Disciplines in College, High School, Elementary, Master Classes and Arts in Ed: Beginning thru Advanced Dance in Classical Ballet, Pointe, Contemporary Styles, Jazz Dance, Tap and Modern Dance.

Community Touring Performances

Adult Leadership Community Group

Student Summer Touring Group

Teach dance movement/technique in the Baton Rouge Elementary and Middle Schools 1989-present.

Enrichment Program Workshops 2010-present.

Private coaching for students engaging a dance career

Annual Christmas performance for the CDP dance companies

Honoree/Appointed/Awards and Certification

Karnival Krewe de Louisiane

Artemis Krewe

Honoree at the Woman’s Leadership Conference held at the Manship.

Duchess for Karnival Krewe de Louisiane (benefits for cancer research).

Most influential Woman in Business (Baton Rouge Business Report).

Selected from the Office Cultural Award by Lt. Jay Dardenne.

Nominee for outstanding work.

Create theme, decorations, choreography, costumes, event appearances, pre-event planning, and TV show appearance.

Leadership Program 2012 (Completed four month course of community leadership for non-profit organizations).

Under Willie Johnson Class 2012 (completed 12 month course on the community, leadership, art, education, income, health, government and non-profit areas)

Certified in Classical Ballet, Modern Dance and Jazz Dance 2014-present.

Completion of the Leadership Program

Alabama Panoply Arts Council 2007 and 2008 received the overall choreographer award.

Jazz Dance Congress 1997, 99, 2000, 2001 and 2007 performed in Chicago, Costa Rica and Buffalo, NY.

Dance under the Stars Palm Springs, CA 2007.

NYC International Fringe NYC 1997.

Academic Education

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Choreography and Performance graduated in 1987 under Dr. Terry Worthy, Dr. Louann Norwood, and Amelia Hunter.

Member of performing group LSU Dance Theatre, Member of performing group LSU Ballet Ensemble. dean’s list for two years and student dance assistant under Dr. Terry Worthy. 1982-87.

St. Joseph Academy….graduated 1980.

Sacred Heart / Baton Rouge.

Board of Directors/Board Member/Member

Honors chair position seeks Royal Court for the events yearly including 10-12 Debutantes, King, Queen, Ball Captain, and pages. Maintain the upkeep of the Royal Court procedures such as luncheons, parties, all of their costumes, and Ball dresses. Choreographs the Tableau, attends all board meetings, and writes press release and continues publicity for Krewe events. Coordinates with Hotels, members, community, and media. Meet once a month in the evening.

Board member, 2015 Duchess, 2017 Ball Captain and corporate sponsor.

Member and Queen Artemis 2016.

2014-present Fundraiser committee and active member associated with CAUW.

2012-present Education Volunteer visiting non-profit agencies, reading and team decision making on commu-nity funding for education programs. In session (February through April) Changes every other year. Team leader for education for Community Impact.

Serves on the CAUW Cabinet

Dance Masters of America member. Continuing Dance Education hours, and certified to teach subjects in dance. 2014-present. Meet three times a year. A former member of Chapter #37 for five years.

Member with weekly Wednesday luncheons. Young Hero’s Community, Holiday Committee, and Spring Holiday.

Chair for the BR stars Learning Center.

Board Member.

Committee and Board member.

Past member and committee for dance performance. Produce one local dance show for the annual conference held in Baton Rouge early November.

Past member 2014-2015 committee member and handles past and present sponsorship for the organization. Once a month Lunch meetings


Artistic Director, Cangelosi Dance Project 1994-present

(PAE) Presenters Arts Showcase Manship Theatre 2011

Manship Theatre; 2005-present

Louisiana Touring Directory 2005-present

Giacobbe Academy School 2003-2008

Baton Rouge Little Theatre 2007-2012

St. Joseph’s Academy Dance Department 2007-present

Southeastern University Hammond LA Fall performance 2005

Giacobbe Academy of Dance New Orleans student company 1993-present

University of South Carolina 1997-2003 Fall, spring and Bi-centennial

South Carolina Governor’s School Arts and Humanities 2001-03

Columbia Classical Ballet 2001-2002

Virginia School of the Arts Performing Arts School 2000-2002

Griffin Ballet 1996-2000

Ballet Tennessee 1995-2000

Gainesville Ballet 1996-98

Breanu University 1996-98

Metropolitan Ballet Atlanta 1997-2000

Atlanta School of Ballet Dance Ensemble 1993-97

Georgia Dance Theatre 1994-present

Pebblebrook Performing Arts High School 1994-98

North Atlanta School of the Arts 1996-97

Georgia Governor’s School 1994-2000

University of Lafayette 1992-93

Southeastern University 1989-1992

Mount Baker Ballet Washington 1989

Baton Rouge Ballet Theatre 1989

LSU Dance Theatre 1984-87

Madrid and Barcelona, Spain (International Showcase Choreographers)

Austria (International Showcase Choreographers)

Lithuanian (International Showcase Choreographers)

Scotland (International Showcase Choreographers)

Bonn Germany (Master dance classes in Jazz and Tap) 1995

Dancing with the Stars Big Buddy Program 2012-present: Winner 2012, 2013, 2016

Dancing for a Cause Gonzales, LA 2012 to present

Manship Theatre; 2005-present

Cangelosi Dance Project 1993-present

Kris Cangelosi, Freelance Soloist for several invited events, festivals, and Fringes in the United States and International

International Showcase Choreographer Austria, Lithuanian, New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, Tennessee, South Caro-lina, North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Louisiana

Dance Force Atlanta under Douglas Scott, work with renowned choreographers Peter Pucci, Randy James from New York City

Company member 1 1995-1999

Room to Move Atlanta, GA under Amy Gately Company member 1995-97

Several Dancers Core Atlanta, GA under Sue Schroeder Company Member 1993-94

Walt Disney Magical Moments Fox Theatre in Atlanta, GA 4 major Roles 1995

Moving South Dance Theatre Lafayette, LA under Kathy Burk Company Member 1990-92

Several Free Lance Shows in Atlanta, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina 1990-93

Baton Rouge Ballet Theatre: Baton Rouge, LA Company Member 1986-89

Dancer Magazine 1997-2003 (Miami, FL) Jazz Dance Expertise.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana 2003-09

Manship Theatre..three main stage shows 2005-present

Theatre Baton Rouge/Baton Rouge Little Theatre main Stage 2008-present

Baton Rouge Little Theatre second stage 2008-present

Independence Park Theatre January 2006/2007

Cangelosi Dance Centre Showcase 2004-06 twice a month

The Red Shoes 2005-present

Baton Rouge Gallery 2005-present

Baton Rouge Arts Council May 2004

Columbia South Carolina, 2001-03

Columbia, South Carolina CMFA space 2002-03 six shows

Keenen Theatre February 2003

Atlanta, Georgia 1993-2000

14th Street Playhouse 1996-1999

PushPush Theatre 1997-2000

Cangelosi Dance Project, The Space Atlanta 1997-2000

Outreach Performances 1989-present

Big Buddy Dancing for the Stars 2012- present as a professional dancer

Dancing for a cause 2012 and 2013 dancer

Krewe Mystique De la Capitale Honors Chair 2011-present

East Baton Rouge Library Tour 2007-present

Big Buddy Enrichment program 2010-present

New Roads Poydrus Center Community Dance 2009-present

Greater Baton Rouge arts Council: dance residencies 1989-93, 2003-present

Fest-for-all 2004-09

Woman’s Council Greater Baton Rouge (Patron Committee)

The Red Shoes 2004-present

Catholic Liturgical Group

International Ballet Competition Summer Program, Jackson, MS 2010

Dance Educators of America Dance Convention 2004-present

Dance Masters of America 1997-present

Giacobbe Academy of Dance New Orleans student company 1993-present

Panoply Arts Council 2008

South Carolina Summer Dance Conservatory 1997-2003

University of South Carolina Faculty 2001-2003 (Concert Director)

South Carolina Governor’s School Arts and Humanities 2001-03

Columbia Classical Ballet 2001-2002

Palvich School of Ballet 200-2002

Dance Masters of America 1998-present

Dance Troupe 1999-present

Virginia School of the Arts Performing Arts School 2000-2002

Lincoln Midwest Ballet Company 2001

Yoko Performing Arts School in California 1999-2003

Giordano Dance Centre 1999

TanzProjeck Bonn Germany 1996-97

Griffin Ballet 1996-1999

Ballet Tennessee 1995-2000

Gainesville Ballet 1996-98

Breanu University Faculty 1996-98

America College Dance Festivals in Louisiana and Miami 1997-2002

Metropolitan Ballet Atlanta 1997-2000

Atlanta Ballet 1993-1996

Atlanta School of Ballet Dance Ensemble 1993-1997

Georgia Academy of Dance 1994-present

Pebblebrook Performing Arts High School Atlanta 1994-1997

North Atlanta School of the Arts 1996-97

Georgia Governor’s School 1994-2000

University of Lafayette 1991-92

Southeastern University 1987-1990

Mount Baker Ballet Washington 1990

Moving South Dance Theatre 1987-1992

Baton Rouge Ballet Theatre/Dancers Workshop 1986-1989

Renee Chatelain:  CEO/President of Arts Council Greater Baton Rouge – 225.200.3721

Chris Nakamoto:  WBRZ News Reporter – 504.957.5233

Katie Pritchett:  CAUW VP Community Impact – 225 3832643

Sister Joan LaPlace:  St. Joseph’s Academy – 225.388.2220