The Community Leader Performance Group are adult leaders of the community who are excited about the Arts and want to continue their passion by performing dance choreography outside their professional careers. The group meets 4-6 weeks before a performance twice a week to prepare for the show. There are several performance events through the year and the group can join and commit to certain projects along the way. There is no fee to join but each dancer must sell at least 10 tickets to the performance to assist with cost.

The Cangelosi Dance Project produces, markets and promotes the shows to social media, press, and other broadcasting venues.

There are sponsorship packets available for the Community Leader dancers who will assist in the production cost of the show as well as their business being promoted through the show.

In addition, CDP invites guest performers to be a part of the show in developing a variety of talent and styles.

www.cangelosidanceproject .com

If you are interested in being a part of this group contact Kris Cangelosi at